Building the Digital Workforce

SkySoft UK Ltd


What we do

Building long lasting relationships to help you get ahead with your Digital Workforce

Our technical expertise includes conventional developments as well as integration with RPA technologies. Having a highly skilled and experienced team with Automation Anywhere, we can help realise our client's visions to fully start, support and deliver a digital workforce.

We work closely with clients to identify areas where RPA can really have an impact within your organisations and manage the full implementation from end to end. 


We offer a full consultancy service to assist in deploying your digital workforce. Having expertise in managing initial process selection to deployment of a fully integrated and managed enterprise level Automation Centre of Excellence. We work with enterprises of all sizes from small companies to global leaders. Automation can enhance any organisation, working in collaboration with us we can:

  • Deploy your Digital Workforce
  • Safeguard your Data
  • Analyse and Predict Bot Performance
  • Streamline your blended Workforce
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Manage Bot Lifecycle

Proof Of Concept Analysis

We are great believers in actually showing results as soon as possible. We deploy an agile methodology in all our work. As a valued client we understand that you need confidence in the success of your project. We will always initially conduct a proof of concept after identifying potential RPA candidates. The Proof of Concept would include 2 or 3 major functions developed utilising RAD techniques on your system interfaces. This ensures that Automation Anywhere is able to 'talk' to your systems and perform any logic required. This is all part of the feasibility process that we carry out. A proof of concept can usually be built within 2 weeks. This allows us to demonstrate quickly how RPA can work for your organisation. Part of this would always include:

  • A clearly defined criteria for success
  • Documentation of how the POC is implemented
  • Automated prototype solution


We can also train your staff to manage or build your own bots. A number of courses are on offer. From an introduction to RPA and Automation Anywhere, right through to providing the skills necessary to attain the globally recognised Automation Anywhere Certified RPA Advanced Professional qualification. Training is always classroom based in Walsall. As well as organisations, it is a great opportunity for individuals who want to pursue a career in the RPA space. There is a global skills shortage in this area and potential roles are varied from Bot developers, RPA Mangers, Infrastructure Managers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts and Technical Support Specialist. All training is has been designed with giving you a clear understanding and is delivered via:

  • Theory based sessions
  • Practical Workshops
  • Support with attaining your official Automation Anywhere Certification