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Our technical expertise includes conventional developments as well as integration with RPA technologies. Having a highly skilled and experienced team with Automation Anywhere, we can help realise our client's visions to fully start, support and deliver a digital workforce.

We work closely with clients to identify areas where RPA can really have an impact within your organisations and manage the full implementation from end to end. 

Manisha Mahey LLB (Hons)

CEO & Founder

"I created SkySoft UK Ltd in 2015, and creating our RPA business in 2016. Although being a relatively new company, we have extensive experience within the industry. Our vision is to be part of the journey to put West Midlands as a major RPA hub in the UK. I am keen to promote the West Midlands to be a driving force in embracing the latest technological advancements. Whether you are thinking about implementing a RPA solution within your organisation or even thinking about starting a career in RPA we are here to support you in every step of your journey. Automation can help businesses of all sizes and sectors. The digital workforce is growing at a phenomenal rate. Don't be left behind, be part of this and leave your competitors behind."

Husan Mahey BSc(Hons)

CTO & Lead Trainer

Husan is a highly experienced developer with nearly 30 years in the industry. Having worked in a variety of industries ranging from Financial Services to Utilities and Education, he has a broad experience of implementing the full project life cycle.

He has been working in RPA since 2016 using Automation Anywhere. Over the years he has achieved a number of credentials from Automation Anywhere as well as been a Certified RPA Trainer and Certified Master Professional. His experience includes working within the pharmaceutical industry - automating a bot to manage and administrate clinical trials. He has also built a number of bots within Financial Services automating a KYC Process, various HR processes, FATCA automation and HMRC tax assessments.